Create Custom Item

Sometimes you’d like to use Mudfish for game you play not not officially supported Mudfish. Without using Full VPN mode, you can play the game with creating your own item. The following is a step by step instruction.


  1. Before starting the following instruction, you must know game server IP addresses.
  2. The syntax for “Routing Path” only supports CIDR or domain name.


  1. Turns on Expert Mode with visiting ‘Setup -> Account’ menu.
  2. Moves to ‘Item -> Manage Items’ menu. At there, you can see ‘+’ button. It shows ‘Item Add’ menu’
  3. Please see the title and description for details. You can see a example for Routing Path.
  4. “RTT Check” is a optional but if you’d like to see RTT information between your desktop and game servers via Mudfish nodes please add a destination using ICMP protocol
  1. When you create your item, you should restart Mudfish at least once.