Manage aliases


To use this feature, you should turn on Expert Mode. Please visit ‘Setup -> Account -> Edit Profile’ menu to change it.

If you’d like to use your mudfish account for multiple devices you can create aliases at this menu.

These aliases are sharing mudfish credits with your Master (origin) account. So any traffic usages or equipping the mudfish item could charge mudfish credits to your Master account.


  • At alias account
    • You can not buy the mudfish credits.
    • You can not create other aliases. Please use your Master account to create other aliases.
  • Your master credits are used because it’s shared cross all aliases.



At ‘Setup -> Account -> Manage aliases’ menu, you can click ‘Add alias’ button to create your aliases.


There’s “X marker” icon next to your alias. By clicking it you can delete your aliases.


It’s totally same with normal log-in steps but with alias username.