FastConnect mode

If this option turns on, Mudfish is working as proxy server rather than router. To turn on this option, you can set it at ‘Setup -> Program’ menu.

How it works

In this mode, Mudfish intercepts all incoming traffics going to the destination defined by items and mimics that Mudfish is a destination server itself.

So in a view of client, it looks like that the destination server is at very closer location within 0 ~ 2 ms.


  • Don’t use for UDP based games (e.g. Counter Striker or League Of Legends). This option is useful for TCP based games only.
  • When this option is enabled, “Realtime RTT Graph” on dashboard isn’t available.


Does FastConnect consume more traffic or not?

No. If my calculation is correct, it should almost same with or without FastConnect mode.

My game is TCP protocol based. Is FastConnect mode helpful?

Yes it could. :-)

My game is UDP protocol based. Is FastConnect mode helpful?

Not at all. I don’t think you need to use this feature.

My realtime RTT graph is gone!

It’s very normal. The realtime RTT graph isn’t available while FastConnect mode is turning on due to the characteristic of this mode. You should turn off this feature if you want to see it again.