4 month ago
Technical Support

Hello, I'm having issues with Aion NA, it was doing ok before last tuesday, now every node I use gives me disconnection right after I try to log in into the game: I can log in normally without mudfish, same error is happening in  other 2 PC with mudfish and different internet connections. Please, can you help me to fix this?

PD: Aion NA did a server merge 2 days ago, they reduced from 5 servers to 2, maybe they changed some configuration or IP for these servers and that's what is causing the error?, may I help you in any way to update the IP or something?. 

PD2: I'm currently using a 4G modem as main connection, I had no issues with this connection while playing Aion before, but it seems that everytime I use 4G + mudfish then this problem occurs, I can log in normally using an alternative ADSL connection + Mudfish, or 4G without Mudfish. Maybe I'm missing something regarding protocols?.