World Of Warcraft Item

Shows game / site / streaming destination locations supported by item.
Destination Server Select
Asia (China - 魔兽茶馆)
Asia (China - RPWOW)
Asia (China - 魔兽茶馆(电信线路))
Asia (China)
Asia (South Korea - stimpack)
Asia (South Korea)
Asia (Taiwan)
Canada (Montreal - Gummy TBC)
Europe (France - Atlantiss TBC)
Europe (France - Elysium WoW)
Europe (France - Feenix Server)
Europe (France - Firestorm WOW)
Europe (France - Lights Vengeance)
Europe (France - Molten)
Europe (France - Monster WoW)
Europe (France - Neltharion)
Europe (France - Netherwing)
Europe (France - Project Ascension)
Europe (France - StormforgeWoW)
Europe (France - TBC Endless)
Europe (France - Warmane)
Europe (France - WoW Freakz)
Europe (France)
Europe (Germany - Darrowshire)
Europe (Germany - Hellfire)
Europe (Germany - Kaelthas)
Europe (Germany - OmegaWoW)
Europe (Germany - PandaWoW)
Europe (Hungary - Tauri WoW)
Europe (London - Atlantiss WoW)
Europe (London - Whitemane Maelstorm)
Europe (Netherlands - Archangel)
Europe (Netherlands - The Rebirth)
Europe (Netherlands)
Europe (Paris - Hyjal)
Europe (Paris - KronosWow)
Europe (Poland - Apollo3 WoW)
Europe (Poland - Kronos Wow)
Europe (Poland - Sunwell)
Europe (Romania)
Europe (St. Petersburg - WoW Circle)
Europe (Strasbourg - ChromieCraft)
Europe (Strasbourg - Everlook)
Europe (Sweden - KronosWow)
Europe (Ukraine - ExcaliburWoW)
Europe (United Kingdom - Engless TBC)
Europe (United Kingdom - HellGround)
Europe (United Kingdom - Lights Hope WOW)
Europe (United Kingdom - RetroWoW)
Europe (United Kingdom - Turtle WoW)
Oceanic (Sydney - Nostralia)
Oceanic (Sydney)
US East (Chicago)
US East (New York - Whitemane Maelstorm)
US West (Los Angeles)

World Of Warcraft Item: Would you like to calculate the expected ping to the destination when using mudfish?