Shopping - Mudfish Game Router

Uses all mudfish features and nodes with Mudfish Game Router.

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Nano / Youth (R1CL)

Please check below brochures and cautions before buying the product.

  • Features
    • All mudfish features included in the box.
    • Enjoy your mudfish experience at game station such as PS4 and XBOX, or smartphone, tablets and notebooks too with one mudfish account.
    • Easy to use mudfish services anywhere. No requires the installation of any programs or packages.
  • Cautions
    • As default this product ships with Xiaomi's official firmware unless you asks the firmware replacement to Mudfish firmware based on OpenWRT. (Always you can revert it back to the official firmware)
    • Please be aware that this product is re-wrapped after replacing the firmware to Mudfish if you don't want to replace it yourself. (We're offering detailed documents about how to replace it yourself)
    • You should buy the mudfish credits separately.

Price : 14,750 Won (KRW) (Not including shipping cost)

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