Packet Capture with Wireshark

How to

There are multiple tutorials available on the internet about how to capture packets using Wireshark as follows:


Register new game

If you’d like to register game you’re playing at Mudfish. Please follow below:

  1. (Optional) Stop all programs which make any network activities.
  2. Stop Mudfish program also.
  3. Run Wireshark and start to capture packets against network device which is connected with the internet line.
  4. Play a game with other users (important).
  5. Stop to capture and save to the file.
  6. Sends the packet dump file to

Dump missed IP blocks for mudfish item

Sometimes the technician of mudfish asks you to do the packet dump to get the missed IP blocks if the mudfish item doesn’t work properly. Then please try to do as follows:

  1. Disable Full VPN mode first.
  2. Run Wireshark and start the packet dump. However please perform a dump for the network interface which connects with your ISP. Please don’t dump TAP-Win32 adapter v9 because we’re looking for missed IP blocked.
  3. Please make sure that your items are enabled and run the mudfish launcher. And please wait until your configuration is applied.
  4. Progress your steps until the problem is reproduced while Wireshark is doing the packet dump.
  5. When it’s reproduced, stop to capture and save to the file.
  6. Sends the packet dump file to