Installation (for Router)

Mudfish Cloud FPN for Router is OpenWRT based and there are two packages; one for core process, other for OpenWRT Luci UI.


Supported OpenWRT

We currently officially support the OpenWRT version below.

  • Chaos Calmer 15.05.1

Supported Routers

The list of routers that are currently confirmed to be working properly is as follows:

Dependancy Packages

In order for the Mudfish program to work properly on the router, you need to install the following packages:

  • ip

    Used to set the routing table entries for mudfish game items.

  • kmod-tun: tun(4) driver

  • libopenssl

  • libpthread

  • librt

  • zlib

Individual packages for your router are available at link. You need to install it before installing the mudfish packages.

Installation using opkg

You can use opkg command to install Mudfish package based on Man page of opkg document. For example, If you’d like to install Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 (for ar71xx CPU) version of Mudfish for OpenWRT, you can use the following commands:

opkg install
opkg install

How to use

You can see Mudfish menu at “Service -> Mudfish” after logging in using Luci web interface (manangament UI).

There are two sections currently:

  • Basic

    There’s a button to start / stop Mudfish. When it’s started properly, you can see a link to access UI of Mudfish Launcher.

    Please check Admin Page section for details about how to use dashboard.

  • Support Tunnel

    You can open Support Tunnel if you’d like to get a remote technical support.