6 month ago
Technical Support

I've been trying to get mudfish to work for my ps4 for a while now, and for about two hours today by setting my base internet (through ethernet) on network connections to share and mudfish to work only through FFXIV, though those aren't what the instructions say (though otherwise they do not work as FFXIV just dummys out even if I have passed the PSN authentication). After a while it started to get very jumpy and I noticed in game that I would have bursts of good ping and then not.

SO I'm trying again to get it to work through full vpn mode and hoping that will not slow me down. but the tap win 32 adapter v9 always shows as unidentified network. I know I'm supposed to set it to share but i don't think it will work the way it is. Everything else seems fine besides a randon stderr at the end of my process log (without any errors preceding).

Thanks and sorry for the wall of text. I really just want to get this to work.