31 minutes ago
Technical Support

Hello. I noticed that I still don’t get balance. I paid in Paymentwall(Alipay method) about 34 mins ago, and til now I still don't get balance. Here I sent a screenshot of Alipay bill, and Paymentwall callback page. Thank you.

Sorry. I could not upload image. Bill ID of Alipay: 2019021822001352021019145132, seller(Paymentwall) bill ID: Order w179704215. Thanks.

1 hours ago
Technical Support

Hello! Can I change my username?

2 hours ago
Technical Support

Can't change subscription back to pay per traffic

6 days ago
Technical Support

Why can't I connect to the VPN? It shows 100% and everything is shown normal but my VPN just won't connect. Please help!

4 hours ago
Technical Support

Hi there, i am playing a private server MU (InfinityMU server located at canada) can i still use Mudfish for this?

11 days ago
Technical Support


When Mudfish is on, my internet connection stops after few minutes. I also tried changing protocols but no avail.

I'm using a 4G router.


8 hours ago
Technical Support

Having problems with FFXIV launcher

11 hours ago
Technical Support

Hi! Is it possible for you to add Netflix to the list of streaming sites? I routinely watch some things only available in Japan for example and this would be super useful to have instead of using the browser extention. Thanks! :)

11 hours ago
Technical Support

HOW I CAN buy the credit