1 hours ago
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does using paypertraffic count towards me watching videos and doing other things then just playing games?

8 hours ago
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4 days ago
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Hi Ioxch, I was wondering if there was any chance you could add more Middle East servers, specifically ones in Dubai. I should be getting 50ms to Dubai, for e.g on Valve servers, but the 2 nodes for Dubai give me 150+ms for some reason. Anyway, love this service, and wanted you to know you're doing an amazing job! :)

13 hours ago
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Why i saw no different in ping when i use Mudfish?

13 hours ago
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How can I stop Mudfish from creating many Networks when I run it?

14 hours ago
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I can't access internet through the VPN

16 hours ago
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Greetings, I am looking for some technical help/advice for running mudfish on my router. I already read some of the instruction over at the router installation, my understanding is only ar71xx architecture is supported at the moment. 

Unfortunately I bought a gl-inet with different architecture (because it is the cheapest, frankly, ramips arch).

My router details

So, being a noob at openwrt,  My question is, 

  • Is it possible to compile chaos calmer my self to run mudfish just by doing the instruction over at
  • Or is it possible to force mudfish package to force install on ramips? (I wont hope it runs smoothly, worth trying tho?)


17 hours ago
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Rainbow Six Siege Au server

20 hours ago
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請問我連韓服的 但是沒用vpn時 ping 81-90 用了也沒改變要怎麼做呢!!  有時開了打到一半突然ping從85變1百多月來越高 越來越卡

21 hours ago
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Can i use this for monster hunter world? thanks!.