2 hours ago
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how do i know its working ? so confused.

3 hours ago
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Hello! I just bought some credits yesterday, and I'm happy how mudfish works well with Overwatch (from 250 ---> 90) and Paladins (from 130 ---> 100) . However, I tried it on CSGO, and it seems that using mudfish gives me a higher ping than without. (100 ping with mudfish; 80 ping without) It was weird. I tried a lot of nodes, and for now I have SG Asia Vultr2 with Asia Singapore FaceIt server. Can you help me find the best settings so I can get a much better ping than using without Mudfish. Thanks.

13 hours ago
Technical Support

I'm currently using basic mode, connecting from to TW Asia (Taiwan - Google 4) and getting 184 ms ping. However, when I see in today's paths that going from  CN Asia (Guangdong - XSDNS) → US East (Chicago - ColoCrossing) has RTT of 158 ms ping. But when I try using those two nodes, the ping is 300 ish, which is much higher than 158. Is the RTT for two nodes accurate?

18 hours ago
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im trying to get asia vpn for h1z1 but is not working what am i doing wrong 

23 hours ago
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This isn't a problem, but I wanted to thank you for this wonderful service. It's more than fairly priced, and my online games are much more responsive. Keep up the great work!! - Ian

4 days ago
Technical Support

My Traffic balance is decreasing by the night, I had like 25 GB 2 days ago and today I log in to see that my balance is on the negative. (-0.33$) had to recharge but I can't really understand how all of this works. I'm not using full VPN mode, not really been gaming more than 4 hrs a day and sometimes less. 

3 days ago
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I am always playing Battlefield 3 on this US Server http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/pc/59b26fd7-46e3-466a-8b04-200ee92c9f81/Noobs-Only-Learn-to-Play-Fast-Respawn-Rank-Cap-SKL/

Without Mudfish my ping is about 245ms and when I use Mudfish at Full VPN Mode and my node is JP Asia (Tokyo-ConoHa2) my ping gets 185ms. I tried to disable the Full VPN Mode but it doesn't work, my ping doesnt change at 245ms. So the only way to play Battlefield 3 on this server is by Enabling the Full VPN Mode JP Asia (Tokyo-ConoHa2) or JP Asia (Tokyo-TinMok3).

Now the problem is there are some times that even though I'm using the Full VPN Mode my ping doesn't change or the worst part right now is my ping at the moment is 407ms. I mean It get worst at 407ms and my configuration is the same as before I did not change anything. Please Help me, I am really getting pissed and fed up with this problem. It is unstable at the moment, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Also I cannot change the MTU on the settings. The default is 1450 i need to change it to 1500.

1 days ago
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when i bought dota2, and i check my ping its RTO why?

1 days ago
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I can't pay from my VISA can you help me with this problem please

1 days ago
Technical Support

Hello. I've been using Mudfish for around three days now with no problem. But right now I'm in my hometown using a different internet connection and I noticed the game (RO philippines) is very laggy and stuttery. I checked and noticed I keep having 3000 ms in RTT. I think this is packet loss. The time between 21:02-21:12 (the low part of the graph) I used my phone's data connection to see if it is my hometown ISP who's having problems.  Is it right that it's my ISP who's causing the 3000ms? How do I fix it?