6 days ago
Technical Support

Every time I try to use mudfish with blade and soul, it gives me an session expired please restart launcher error. It's not blade and soul itself because it works fine while mudfish is turned off. I have tried switching nodes but nothing works.

6 hours ago
Technical Support

i want to refund my payment.Please complete it as fast as possible and refund to my wechat account.Thank you.

6 hours ago
Technical Support

Hello, can you please add "League of legends" "Turkey" server to the items/services?

8 hours ago
Technical Support

Hello. server name KR GNJ serie Recently occurs frequently RTTgraph Numeric value 3000. and little time occur Interrupted connection. can fix? please fix.

12 hours ago
Technical Support

I'm encountering this error when starting mudfish. Do you know how to fix this? image

13 hours ago
Technical Support

I don't understand how I could have acquired negative balance so quickly. please help

3 days ago
Technical Support

why is the ping for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn about 40ms above average for the past 4ish days?

16 hours ago
Technical Support

I think there is a problem with the heroes of the storm servers / routing. The ping is atleast 300 for me for every route, and up to 1.5k ping. Please look into it! Thank you

4 days ago
Technical Support

Ive reinstalled windows 3 times now because after each installation of MUDFISH i get the blue screen of death (BSOD)

2 days ago
Technical Support

Please add an item for this game "Savage Hunt: Dragon's Prophet" from Gamigo Europe (, I don't find it in your list (maybe not supported yet). I can run it without any VPN, but it lags a lot when playing it from Asia.