2 days ago
Technical Support

Can you please update the credits for me? I bought credits on iPhone but it shows nothing. Order number: MQJZ1X7D7B

6 hours ago
Technical Support

Currently i am unable to start up Blade and Soul when i use Mudfish

7 hours ago
Technical Support

can you answer me pls and tell me what is the different between UDP AND TPC ?  and which one is better for full vpn mode and my internel speed is about 250mp 

8 hours ago
Technical Support

Hello i would like to request a refund of my previous purchase of 2.99$ thank you

9 hours ago
Technical Support

suddenly i can't play blade and soul when i use mudfish, i can play with it just fine few hours ago

6 days ago
Technical Support

我要退款 i want a refund

11 hours ago
Technical Support

how to pay

23 hours ago
Technical Support

Network speed limiter issues. 

steam, origin .. any tips?


I do not know if this is a bug of the clients, origin and steam ignore the limit. the steam for example: when I first opened the program after starting the system the limit was not respected, but after setting the limit again, it started to work. 

Sorry if this is not related to mudfish, I do not remember this happening in the past

16 hours ago
Technical Support

I live in greece and i want to play LoL in NA, what can i do?

4 days ago
Technical Support

Thanks so much for adding roblox o the supported games list