1 days ago
Technical Support

I just recently change to a new router because got an upgrade for the ISP data plan , and apparently whenever I launch mudfish vpn , I can't load my Korea Black Desert webpage anymore ,I tried redownload/reinstall Mudfish , changing to another South Korea node and turn off firewall. but nothing help is there anything I should do on the new router to prevent this issue? I can still load the website without mudfish but when I launch and log in  into mudfish the webpage just stop loading.

5 hours ago
Technical Support

Is Philippines - ETPI gonna come back? It was the most stable one I've tried until recently.

5 hours ago
Technical Support

Could I Use the mudfish vpn app with mobile hotspot on my phone as a vpn for my ps4

7 hours ago
Technical Support

please fix your todays pathes!! the recommended ones is shit i try the one path that is not in your todays pathes and get lower ping your recommended paths is not accurate please fix thank you. im playing dota2 china

8 hours ago
Technical Support

Hey I've been using my paypal to buy credits for so many people who are interested in Mudfish. I'd like to ask 2 questions: (1) Is this legal to do? And (2) Is there any referral program or affiliate program that I can participate to for referring all those people to you? Hope to cooperate with you regarding this matter :)

5 month ago
Technical Support

It says my ping in league of legends is 55 in the Realtime RTT, but in game its 62ms. Also when I used to used WTFast I get 45-47 ping.

12 hours ago
Technical Support

hello, been using this on and off for a while, but today i logged and found this error : " [24.726414] MUDEC_00179: Path MTU is wrong. (809/1450) " ...

should i be concerned ? and will it affect my gameplay ?

17 hours ago
Technical Support

Mudfish won't work with bnsBuddy. It's not recognising the vpn. I can't even tell if mudfish is working with Blade and Soul to begin with. It worked when I first got mudfish but after I bought the credit myself it stopped.

18 hours ago
Technical Support

Could you estimate Traffic Balance I get for 2.99USD(paypal) now?  my friend just want to buy.

19 hours ago
Technical Support

the software didnt work with me  please can you help me