4 month ago
Technical Support
I've been using mudfish for quite some time now (8 months or so) and i use it to play FFXIV. I used to get aroud 150~160 ping with the nodes, it was awesome. But for a few months now, i'm getting nothing under 180 and with a lot of inconstancy. Variation used to be a straight line, but now looks like crazy waves... I don't know about those kind of things, and i didn't change my internet provider, speed, none of the configuration here, nor even moved to another place. I recommend mudfish to everyone, but getting 180+ ping with a lot of inconstancy, when i used to get a firm 160, makes me a little sad. :( All nodes for FFXIV looks bad lately. Is there any reason for that, or its what it is now? To be honest, in the image looks better than the usual, with not much system load or packet loss :/