5 days ago
기술 지원

를 사용하려합니다.

FIFA21 종량제로 쓰고있는데

Per Eaddr에 플스5(4때도 마찬가지였음)기계

맥주소를 넣었지만

적용이 안됩니다.


20 days ago
Technical Support

Hi there, I was testing out the different subscription tiers and ended up having to use the 8Mbps one due to the initial game download size.

It seems I got charged all tier 1 tier 3 and tier 4 instead of just a tier 4 subscription. Is there any way to fix this or do I have to initial a refund and buy it again?

12 days ago
Technical Support

Good day,

The mudfish got down around some hour ago and I thought i'm out of credit thats why I load up. When mudfish goes up the thing i load hasnt occur .

account : norjex

via paypal

$2.99 USD

Transaction ID


Item #MCVUSD0299

weongyo (Forums Admin)
12 days ago

Today (2021-07-17 3:30 PM KST) there was a service outage for around 3 hours. Sorry for this inconvenience and please check Service Outage Report - 20210717 link for details.

weongyo (Forums Admin)
12 days ago

한국 시각 2021-07-17 3:30 PM 부터 약 3 시간 동안 미꾸라지 서비스 장애가 있었습니다. 현재 조치를 완료한 상태이며, 자세한 이유에 대해서 장애 보고서 - 20210717 문서를 참고해 주시기 바랍니다. 불편을 드려 대단히 죄송합니다.

23 days ago
Problem Report

I charge 3 times in 7/7 by paypal but now only get 2 times cost?

weongyo (Forums Admin)
22 days ago

We found a paypal issue that IPN (Instant Payment Notification) didn't work properly since 7/6/2021 14:31 GMT+09:00. Currently we're working on to solve this issue urgently so please wait a while until it's solved. Sorry for this inconvenience.

27 days ago
신청하려고 하는데 이렇게 뜨네요 언제쯤 증설될까요?

2 month ago
Problem Report

New World US East Server

MMO New World

Alpha test server

US East (amazon aws host servers)

Let me know if you need more information.

Steps for packet dump:

Launch client, select world, run around do actions, chat, log off.

Download the packet dump file

2 month ago
Technical Support

Hi, I met a problem that is MUDEC_00049: No entry for SID 227. I had exclude any problems which is based on error code reference, while I still have this problem. Also, I had update my program and I restart my computer. It still happen. So what should I do to solve it?