7 hours ago
Technical Support

Buenas soy de Uruguay, en uruguay precisamos que MUDFISH tenga servidor en BR para poder jugar WARZONE 1.0 Sin desconectar y andaba PERFECTO. Actualemnte estamos jugando WARZONE 2.0 y no contamos con server en brasil, queria saber si se van a poder colocar server en BR en WARZONE 2. gracias!

12 days ago
Somagu is a vps vendor that I especially cherished in the early days of using vps, because it is too cheap to use somagu to build a vpn, and your unexpected support is suspended.

Four years later, I came to this website again. I am familiar with the simple cover and the familiar activation steps. Although I failed to successfully create a server, I still pay tribute to you, a very good seller.
26 days ago
Technical Support

good evening mudfish team.

I'm buying some package on mudfish using a bank transfer, its paid but my balance is still $0

29 days ago
Problem Report

포럼에 '피파온라인 4 Full-VPN 사용 안하고 사용' 글에 대한 덤프입니다.

Download the process dump file

Download the packet dump file

36 days ago
Problem Report

Playing ava global in Asia(Asia1) server.

Asia means huge so idk where it locates.

I hope new item for AVA global will add :D

Download the packet dump file

45 days ago
Technical Support

Hi, I purchased some credits today and changed plan to subscription mode, it's showing that I can change voucher for it 4-1 8-2 etc, I wasnt sure what plan would be the best so I picked first one, but the speed limit is causing packet loss probably. when I go to change voucher it takes it will take a new amount, but the current voucher i havent even used it for more than 20mins to check the latency. is there a way it deducts that amount since I havent used it at all or I've to purchase new one from remaining credits. Thanks.

48 days ago
기술 지원

제가 타르코프를 유럽버전으로 구매를 하기 위해 vpn을 키고 유럽 버전을 구매하였었습니다. 그런데 갑자기 크레딧이 천원정도가 날라가있는데 이게 원래 이렇게 하루만에 빠르게 다는건가요..?ㅠㅠㅠ 월정액이 필수인가요 그럼..

57 days ago
기술 지원

라스트에폭 멀티 베타테스터로 하고있어서 미지원게임이라 로스앤젤레스 중계서버 찾아서 접속 했는데 자꾸 핑이 300까지 치솟네요 원래 미지원게임이라서 그런건가요? 사용법데로 최대한 안정적인 핑 서버 찾아서 연결했는데 389까지 치솟습니다 ㅠ

3 month ago
Problem Report

Gundam evolution packet capture, add as an item

Download the packet dump file