15 minutes ago
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2 hours ago
Technical Support

Just wondering, with Bless coming out in a few days, how do I get this to work with it? Do I just open this up and let it run, or do I need to connect to Bless itself?

3 days ago
Technical Support

Redownloaded ffxiv... seriously did not expect mudfish to be used up as a result LOL

4 days ago
Technical Support

Hi, I have some difficulty using my Internet after I launched Mudfish. Sometimes the webpage takes time to load, or it doesn't load at all.

This only happened with my new wifi modem but not my old wifi modem, both different ISP btw. And I read somewhere this could be my ISP issue, is that correct? And if that so, is there anything I can do to fix it? Thank you.

4 hours ago
Technical Support

none of the nodes are working

5 hours ago
Technical Support

im having ping issues since i started my new subscription after long time not using mudfish , mudfish was good for me in the past but now i cant play with it , ping goes high suddenly and then gets back down , it happens so many times i cant play any competitive game like this , i tried different nodes and also tried to leave it at auto but the problem persist, how can i fix this issue ? is it on my end or your end ?

6 hours ago
Technical Support

Stuck at 10% for auto configuration. Self Diagnosis shows core process is not ready

6 hours ago
Technical Support

how do I know if mudfish is working or not?

7 hours ago
Technical Support

Hi. Traffic on Lost ark does not work ! The game does not start because the ip address does not change and the antivirus does not start. Antivirus error and for the fact that I run the wrong ip address!

12 hours ago
Technical Support

can no longer get 300 or so ping to Chaos server for ff14. What's going on with the nodes? been laggy for like 2 weeks or more