28 minutes ago
Technical Support

Hello im still having packet loss issue and high ping with FFXIV

1 days ago
Technical Support

Hello, can u help me to setup my Mudfish? i want to improve my ping from Kazakhstan to Chinese 5ewin servers.

2 hours ago
Technical Support

Hi, can you add the Oceania server as one of the destination servers for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS? Much appreciated
3 hours ago
Technical Support

i can not find ragnarok online in your list. is there something wrong?

21 days ago
Technical Support

Hey can i get tax refunds since im not a US citizens, am from malaysia. thank you!

1 month ago
Technical Support

I use Mudfish to play PSO2. Started 2 days ago, but today i am unable to login, where the 2 errors that show up are server connection timed out or error 249 by pso2. Maintenance of PSO2 happened 4 days ago.

4 hours ago
Technical Support

오버워치게임을 한국에서 미국서버로 들어가는데요중계서버는 HK Asia (Hong Kong - Azure 5) 를 씁니다이게 이상한게 Azure 1~5까지 있는데5를 제외한 나머지는 모두 핑이 220 이상으로 올라가버립니다Azure 5 보다 평가점수가 낮아도 220 이상으로 나오구요Azure 5 를 쓰면 72ms ~ 90ms로 핑이 좋아지지만 굉장히 불안정합니다 적군과 아군이 렉걸리면서 밀리는것처럼 툭툭끊기고 다시 돌아오고를 반복합니다 딱 그때 핑을보면 72, 80, 90, 77 멈추지 못하고 이리저리 바뀝니다빠른대전같은건 괜찮은데 경쟁전할때는 너무 불안하네요설정을통해 해결할수는 없나요? 아니면 애초에 한국에서 미국서버하는게 무리일까요

7 days ago
Technical Support

i play on league of legends euw servers. I see no difference at all at my ping in game

6 hours ago
Technical Support

May i refund the tax (aus$0.30)?    image

4 days ago
Technical Support

hey i cant use LoL tw from japan i use tw(google) serverand cant launch new client