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로스트아크 미꾸라지 서버 막힌거 같은데 30일결제한 로스트아크 다시 크레딧으로 돌려주세요 페이팔 환불 말고 다른게임에 쓸수있게 크레딧으로 환불해주세요

Since Lost Ark mudfish server is blocked, refund 30 day payment to credit.

3 hours ago
Technical Support

Hello. Recently, Maple Story NA (GMS) added more server channels for Reboot and Bera. It doesn't look like the Maple Story item for Mudfish supports these channels yet, as I am experiencing connection issues since the update.

Thank you.
1 days ago
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Hello I would like to get refunded since the vpn doesn't really work well for Lost Ark

4 hours ago
Technical Support

KR nodes are very laggy atm what is going on?

4 hours ago
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Hello, i'm trying to play Blade And Soul NA,it seems i get instant dc in-game if i don't go full vpn mode,i think its the issue with launcher being in different ip? I uploaded the packet dump of the successful connect to game with full vpn mode,but i can't find it at all. Send Halp. Thanks.

5 hours ago
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why my ip does not change to ip of japan? Did I do something wrong? 

6 hours ago
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Was getting 150ms+ today on Americas server. IS there a problem?

6 days ago
Technical Support

Hi, I am having difficulties figuring out if I can open maplestory 2 without activating full vpn mode, because it seems to affect my other activities as well like my browsing speed. 

8 hours ago
Technical Support

Hi Developer team, as im happy with Mudfish so far for most of the games and Lost Ark, recently. However, i got this announcement(Picture below) and feeling worry. So, if you guys could tell me what exactly nodes has been banned and/or in trouble with Smilegate so that we can try to avoid it. Will the issue be solved and how long does it take, approximately.  regards !  


10 hours ago
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能不能 新增這遊戲


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