3 year ago
Technical Support

Hello, I'm new at Mudfish and have some questions, please help me with these.

  1. I paid $2.99 and bought the first subscription with $0.85, but I accidentally removed it and then I bought subscription with $1.70. When I check my balance it's $0.43, that mean my first purchase is still counted in my history. In this case, will the first purchase price back to my balance or not? because I just want to test how to buy and how to use your app correctly.
  2. My game playing is Valorant, and after use your app ping in game reduced from 49 to 40, but it's not my expect, I hope to get lower ping around 20. Is it possible to get with your app and how? what cost for me to get it?. Btw I'm in Vietnam and playing server mainly in Singapore.