3 days ago
Technical Support

Hi can you please add diablo 4 Asia server

server IP TAIWAN

10 days ago
기술 지원

안녕하세요 algeun0 algeun1 algeun2 계정으로 약 50개 가까이 정액제를 유지하는 사용자입니다. 제가 하는 게임이 IP당 2개밖에 못켜게 하기때문에 한국 서버 각 서버마다 2계정까지만 접속이 됩니다.

워낙 여러개를 켜려고 미꾸라지를 이용중인데 제가 오래 사용해보니까 안정적인 서버가 KT 서버 밖에 없습니다.

게임진행이 아예 불가능한 서버도 많고 게임을 켜놓고 튕기면 안되기 때문에 하루에 몇번씩 튕기는 불안정한 서버까지 하면 절반이 넘습니다.

가장 게임 진행이 잘 되고 있고 1주~4주에 한번 튕길 정도로 안정적인 KOREA KT 서버를 늘려주실수 있나요?

30 days ago
Problem Report

1) What's your issue encountering?

Please consider adding Asia (China, Shanghai) to Honkai: Star Rail.

2) How could it be reproducible?

Please also consider adding routing path support for:

  • Subnet within process
  • Subnet exclusions

Use cases would be:

For example, Honkai: Star Rail has a feedback hub who is redirected to an external internet browser. Its video upload feature uses the same subnet as their game servers. Hence,

  • by using Subnet within process prevents external programs from consuming our traffic.
  • by using Subnet exclusions allows us to manually exclude unwanted paths for the edge cases.

Here's the Routing Paths I've collected so far:

Or the 24bit subnet version:

Download the report

33 days ago
Problem Report

Game Request

FiveM US Servers

Download the packet dump file

Full VPN mode: Yes

41 days ago
I can set up a transit server myself

44 days ago
Are there no servers left?

47 days ago
Technical Support

Mudfish. I bought 2$ credit. It failed the paypal, but my bank account was reduced 20X the 2$ credit choice.

Also the reduction was not notified by Paypal, except for 1. I want a refund on the 19x that was counted. I only wanted 1 order of 2$ credit.

3 month ago
Technical Support

Hi, I think there was an error, my account consumed a lot of credit while my game was not even running overnight?

3 month ago
嗨,今天我付了 Paypal 299日元。由于无法提供服务,我要求退款。
3 month ago
Technical Support

Hi, I paid 9.99$ with bitcoin and its been like 15 mins but the credit is not shown on my account??