4 days ago
Technical Support

Cant seem to connect to BDO JP.Do you mind checking on Conoha Nodes. Thank you.

22 hours ago
Technical Support

how do i change my subscription modE? i would like to play monthly

42 minutes ago
Technical Support

I'm aware this may be a silly question, but I am trying to play a game on an EU server from NA. Do I want a node nearest to me, or nearest the server?

21 days ago
Technical Support

I have bought mudfish credit, switched my profile to Subscription data plan. I have bought item Black Desert. I want to play Black Desert NA, I live in Finland, hence, EU. currently setting as follow: Destination Server: EU Amsterdam, Nodes: US West (with smallest score). Is it correct? or is it the other way around?

I need to ask because no matter what I did, my ping is horrible (300 ms) without mudfish it's around 190ms.


크래딧 구매관련 입금했는데 아직 안들어왔습니다. 확인 부탁드립니다.

2 days ago
Technical Support

Hello, i've got a problem with game called Black Desert Online. I have equiped item "Black Desert" but i still can't get past ip block in the game's launcher so i'm forced to use full VPN whitch takes extra traffic off my balance. Is it supposed to be like this? If so then why there's these "items" if they're not doing anything?

5 hours ago
기술 지원

안드로이드 사용자입니다 캐나다 몬트리올 에 게임서버가있어서 설정후 핑을측정해보니 비슷비슷하길레 미꾸라지 사이트 핑테스트로 몬트리올 핑을 봤더니 원래이런것같던데 한국 캐나다간 최소지연율인가요ㅠ 씨애틀로 이중우회해서 쓰고있는데 한국과 외국간 핑이기때문에 감안하고써야하는건가요ㅜ

12 days ago
Technical Support

Hey Loxch,

Just wondering if you're able to give any tips/advice/help regarding using OpenVPN For routing game traffic? My mate said that I should ask you since he thinks you use OpenVPN for routing, or something similar to it. I'm having issues with it "locking up" in-game. If I input more than one command (move + attack) it causes my latency to go up and up. If I only input one command (like attack) It stays low and stable.

Thank you!

3 days ago
기술 지원

티빙같은경우 한정이 국내IP전용인데
티빙은 지원하실 생각이 없으신지요?!

3 days ago
Technical Support

Can mudfish bypass China Firewall to access google and facebook? Because I'm using full VPN and still doesnt work.
I've checked the IP and it said to be working.