7 days ago
기술 지원

크레딧 환불 해주세요 오류 때문에 사용을 못 합니다

은행 이름 카카오뱅크 / 계좌 번호 7777-03-1888121 / 예금주 이름`` 정형준

7 days ago
Problem Report

MUDFISH 치명적인 오류

TAP-Win32 드라이버를 찾을 수 없습니다.

기능: ODR_open_tuntapdev:1698

오류 코드: MUDEC_00003

도움말 페이지를 열고 싶나요?

예(Y) 아니요(N)

보고서 다운로드

12 days ago
Technical Support

I have a huge negative balance that I do not wish to pay, it should had stop at 0. Somehow my careless mistake at downloading a game update has put me into worse than emptying my balance and put me into debt.

20 days ago
Technical Support

Hi,ill report about my problem when im buying credit mudfish,after payment i'm did not receive credit mudfish but my balance in my credit card has been reduce, Below I will give you proof of payment and history payment in my account

my account

my account name is zulmi12

41 days ago
Technical Support

Hi can I get refund on my recently purchased subscription 4-1 that i just upgraded to 8-2.The 4-1 subscription was removed without a refund.

weongyo (Forums Admin)
40 days ago

ipTIME 미꾸라지 공유기에 RCE 취약점이 발견되어 v2.6.6 버전 업데이트가 있었습니다. 보안 이슈를 막기 위해 꼭 ipTIME 공유기를 재부팅하시기 바랍니다. 자세한 내용은 KVE-2024-0211 링크를 참고 바랍니다.

57 days ago
Technical Support

I am experiencing high ping issues in “IN Asia (mumbai - amazon lightsail). I used to play battlegrounds mobile India using this server and was working perfectly with low ping. For the past few days I am experiencing ping issues with this server. Please fix it.


3 month ago
Problem Report

Cannot select a Mudfish node

4 month ago
Technical Support

When trying to connect to mudfish for Final Fantasy XIV, several warnings display across the screen and the auto configuration is stopped at ~50%

4 month ago
기술 지원

크레딧 환불 요청 바랍니다.

은행 이름 카카오뱅크 / 계좌 번호 3333-11-4028-718 / 예금주 이름" 김명진