Data Plans


At mudfish, there are two plans you can choose; Subscription and PPT (Pay-Per-Traffic).

  • PPT (Pay-Per-Traffic)

    This plan charges mudfish credits based on how much datas (traffics) are used. At this moment, 135 KRW (South Korean Won) per 1 Gbytes is a base price table. For examples, if you used 8 Gbytes using mudfish, this plan charges around 1 USD dollar.

  • Subscription

    This plan was introduced to prevent some cons of Pay-per-traffic plan at last year; for example, sometimes with misusing Full VPN mode, a lot of mudfish credits could be charged. With subscription plan, you can equip the game item you’d like to use at fixed price (at this moment 990 KRW per an item) for 1 month; no more extra charges. Full vpn mode is also possible but with speed-cap.

How to change

If you’d like to change your data plan, it’s available with following steps:

  1. Go to ‘Setup -> Account -> Edit Profile’ menu.
  2. Pick your data plan.

Please note that after changing the data plan, you can’t change it again for 1 month.


  Pay-per-traffic Subscription
Price Charged based on traffic usage Fixed price (990 KRW) per a item
Full VPN mode O O [1]
FastConnect mode O O
Network Speed (Full VPN) Unlimited (vary depend on mudfish nodes) 4 Mbps burst / 1 Mbps
Network Speed (Item Only) Unlimited (vary depend on mudfish nodes) 4 Mbps burst / 1 Mbps
[1]To use Full VPN mode with Subscription data plan, at least you must equip one item paid. Without equipping a paid item, it’s not possible to use.