ipTIME Router

Now all mudfish features are available at ipTIME routers manufactured by EFM-Networks .

  • Supported Routers

    Please visit your familiar online shopping mall or retail shops to buy ipTIME routers.

    • ipTIME A3004
    • ipTIME A3004NS
    • ipTIME A3004NS-BCM
    • ipTIME A3004NS-M
    • ipTIME A5004NS
    • ipTIME A6004NS
    • ipTIME A6004NS-M
    • ipTIME A6NS-M
    • ipTIME A7NS
    • ipTIME A8004NS-M
    • ipTIME A8NS-M
  • Features

    • All mudfish features included in ipTIME routers.
    • Enjoy your mudfish experience at game station such as PS4 and XBOX, or smartphone, tablets and notebooks too with one mudfish account.
    • Easy to use mudfish services anywhere. No requires the installation of any programs or packages.
  • Cautions

    • You should buy the mudfish credits separately.