Mudfish with Proxifier

How to configure

If you’d like to use Proxifier (e.g. SocksCap or Proxifier) through Mudfish nodes directly, you can follow the instructions below.

  • After launching ‘’Proxifier’‘, you can type any Mudfish node’s public IP and port.
    • You can find <Public IP> of each Mudfish nodes at
    • SOCKS v5 port is 18081 with basic password authentication. Please use your Mudfish ID / PWD.

Supported feature

  • SOCKS v5
    • TCP connection
    • UDP connection
  • SOCKS v3 / v4 / v4c
    • Only available through internal network (meaning that at least you should run Mudfish Launcher). To connect, you should use private IP of each Mudfish nodes and port 8081.

Unsupported feature

  • No support for Port Listening. For example, active FTP is not working properly.