FAQ - P2P (Peer To Peer) protocol

Is there a way for mudfish to help with connection?

I don’t think that there are multiple ways provided by Mudfish to play P2P based games because depending on P2P implementation it’s very hard to find a best routing path or reasonable technologies.

Should I use Full VPN mode?

Yes. It’s most handy way to play.

Should I use Proxifier?

Yes. If the game client is working fine with Proxifier, you can use it. Please check Mudfish with Proxifier link for details.

What’s best mudfish node for P2P?

Normally only a way I recommend is that picking a mudfish node closer to your location physically is a better choice because

  • Other players could be located at various places. So if you pick a mudfish node far from your location, it causes a very long RTT (Round Trip Time).
  • If all other players are at same country, you might pick a mudfish node which be located closer to other players.