FAQ - General

Is it possible to use 1 mudfish account on 2 pc at the same time?

Unfortunately it’s not possible. Each machine should have a separated Mudfish account. Please check Manage aliases section about how to create a sub (alias) account which shares your mudfish credits.

How can I delete or deactivate my account?


This is unrecoverable action so please be careful if you really like to perform.

Please sign in at http://accounts.en.loxch.com/ link. At there you can find “Close account” menu to delete your account.

I’d like to play LoL. How can I set it?

I’m assuming that you are a user using mudfish v4. That’s a very simple as follows:

  • After sign-up, please download and install the mudfish program which is available at https://mudfish.net/download
  • Run the mudfish launcher and sign-in with your mudfish account.
  • Go to ‘Items -> Buy Items’ menu then buy a ‘League Of Legends’ item.
  • When it bought, the configuration would be automatically set for you.
  • Done! Enjoy your game.

How can I download old releases?

It’s available at https://mudfish.net/releases/ link.