Mudfish for P2P (Peer To Peer) based games

If your game (for examples, Bless Online) is based on P2P, Mudfish could not be helpful to play the game because there are limitations as follows:

  • You can’t create the game room for other users to access your room. It means you can’t host the game.
  • You should use Full VPN mode to cover all other user’s IP address. If not, your game client try to connect to some of users not via Mudfish. It results in the failure of connection or game boosting.
    • It points that depending on the physical location of users the connections via Mudfish could be better or worse.
    • Picking up a mudfish node which locates at closer to your location would be better. But I don’t recommend to pick a mudfish whose RTT between your location and mudfish node is larger than 10 ms.